is it wize to Hide partition?.

10 Feb 2011
hi all again. I have 2 HardDrives which are. 120GB ssd and a 1.80TB HardDrive. Im going to put windows 8 on the ssd as well as windows 7. I have windows 7 on Local Disc C: and now i have partitioned that hard drive and named it Local Disk for windows 8. My windows 7 partition has 58.69GB left from having windows 7 installed and 53GB left for windows 8 on the 2nd partition with out windows 8 being installed which is still enougth room. Once i have put windows 8 on the 2nd Partition and all is set up for dual boot and when in windows 7 is it wize to hide the 2nd partition what got windows 8 on so i dont see the drive in my computer?.

Thanks and hope you understand the question.