Is one 6 pin to 8 pin ( 6 + 2) enough

1 Jun 2013
I have an old Cooler Master silent pro 850w which has 6 x 6 pin pcie slots, i have two 6 pin male to 8 pin (6+ 2) leads only. I want to hook up 2 x GTX 780's i have kicking about. Will one lead per card be enough?. I would prefer to use two per card, but cannot find 6 pin male to 8 pin( 6+ 2) male online (in stock that is)
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12 Jul 2005
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You will need both leads per card or they won't work. The thing is that the psu is getting on a bit now having launched in 2009 and it wasn't particularly good when it came out as it suffered with ripple on the 12v rails. A pair of GTX 780's is going to load it up if you should manage to find the correct cables. Personally I would replace the psu for something more up to date. I would probably sell the gpu's and put the money towards a new or secondhand single card as well. Multi gpu gaming is just about dead now with both gpu companies effectively binning it on their latest cards.
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