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ITX Haswell build ~£700

Discussion in 'Small Form Factor and Single Board Computers' started by mitch212k, 8 Jun 2013.

  1. mitch212k


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    Evening gents,

    I'm looking at a Haswell ITX build in a few weeks to update from the E8400/5850 machine in my sig.

    I plan on reusing my current storage drives and 600W Coolermaster Silent Pro M600 PSU.

    Here is what I have planned, I may get the 7950 off the MM to save some funds but I'd like to try and keep it to £700ish, including a ~240gb SSD.


    Not sure how to do the text thing with the components, advice appreciated!

  2. RJC


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    With the B75 you wont be able to overclock the cpu much as the board I think not allow you to use the unlocked multiplier on the K series cpu.
  3. cypto

    Wise Guy

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    ^ This is indeed the case, there isn't much choice at the moment of ITX boards at the overclockers store however hang out for a while they come in. There are a few Gigabyte boards and a few from Asus so should be available in the next few weeks after computex.