iWeb, anyone know about the publishing?

21 Oct 2004
Kent, UK

I have setup my mac mini for webserving under snow leopard and have 4 domain names pointed at it. All is great, the folder permissions are all good, the web server is setup correctly etc.

My other 1/2 is using iWeb on her iMac to publish to one of the sites hosted on the mac mini via the local network. She can publish fine and if you type in the external hostname its displayed, BUT, the damn iweb software adds an aditional folder into the mix, which I cant seem to get rid off.

so, if you type "www.blahblah.com" the URL becomes "www.blahblah.com/something/"

Looking in the properties of the publish page the /something/ folder could well be the site name???

Anyway, I havent read the documentation yet for it, but if someone could chime in and save me that hassle that would be great :p