Javascript question

12 Jan 2004
Hi guys,

on this web app I am designing, I have a screen that shows a progress bar that is displayed once the user clicks the Submit button for the main form. This progress bar screen is actually on the same page as the form but hidden, and the screen is displayed with javascript in the onclick event of the submit button (at the same time, the form is hidden to leave on the progress bar being displayed). It also triggers the submit event for the form and the results screen is loaded and then displayed.

The thing is, if the user clicks the back button from the results screen, the page goes back but only shows the progress bar, not the form. If the user wants to see the form, they have to reload the page which resets all the data they entered.

My question is, what is the best way to show the progress screen on submit, but reveal the form if the user clicks the back button on the results screen?
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