Jonsbo A4

17 Apr 2009
The NR200 has a bunch of different layouts which change the cooling performance and component compatibility. Hence more flexible. Stick the vented panel on it, with a 280mm rad, and it's a really tough case to beat, thermally.

But the A4 looks like it should give similar performance to the NR200P with the TG panel in sandwich mode. GPU clearance is very similar. There's space for a rad in the top, and 2x120mm fans in the bottom. Main difference on the cooling front appears to be the lack of a rear fan mount.

Also worth noting that the PSU in the NR200 has direct air intake/exhaust from/to outside the case, while the A4 has the PSU recirculating air inside the case. That could be an area for concern if case ambient temps are high.
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