Kitchen Companies

8 Apr 2014
Lincolnshire, UK
Hi all,

Looking at getting a new kitchen around spring time but seem to be overwhelmed with information and comments from friends/work mates and of course internet sources.

I was just wondering what the general experience on here is on the various major companies.

I've been heavily advised against wren due to bad experiences, but I assume such a big company will get more bad wrote ups as they do more kitchens.

B and Q, Howdens, Magnet all fairly similar experiences and cost.

And also been told to stay away from Wickes due to poor quality parts.

So I'm at a loss really.

The kitchen is around 3.5m X 3.3m max, and has a door to the garden. Ideally I'd like to get a new floor fitted, replaster and paint the walls, and get a new door and window so I want the kitchen fitting to be a pain free experience so hopefully they can just take control while I sort the rest.

Any help/advice/experience will be much appreciated!
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