OcUK Staff
26 Nov 2014
Available to order today, we have the refresh of the popular Kolink Rocket Mini-ITX Case. Utilizing feedback and designs from internal OcUK design staff, the Rocket V2 offers significantly more compatibility with hardware compared to it's predecessor. Here's a list of the improvements that have been made: -

- Made fully from 2.5mm aluminium throughout including anodized titanium grey outer panels, the original Rocket V1 was a steel interior with 2mm thick aluminium panels.
- Better routed 280mm PCI-E Riser cable - Doesn't partially cover the fan ventilation like on the original.
- Supports 2.9 Slot VGA Cards up to 330mm. The Rocket V1 supported dual slot 310mm cards.
- Comes with a high performance 92mm slim PWM HDB fan. Original fan was 80mm.
- Support for 92mm AIO's or 63mm CPU Coolers. The Rocket V1 didn't support 92mm AIO's previously, and only supported 54mm CPU coolers.
- Removable PSU and fan brackets for easy installation.
- 1 x USB3.2 Type-C + 1 x USB3.0 on the front panel. The Rocket V1 didn't have Type-C.
- Better price! (£139.99 vs £169.99).
- GPU support bracket that is removable if not needed

Whilst a little bigger at 13.8L, there is a lot more scope for building into the Rocket V2, including 92mm AIO's, enthusiast sized graphics cards, SFX or SFX-L power supplies, bigger CPU coolers if preferred, alongside a USB3.2 Type-C port on the front panel. There's a bracket for both the PSU and the fan mounts to allow easy installation of the PSU and fan/AIO if used. There's a 280mm PCI-E Riser cable for routing your VGA card into your Mini-ITX motherboard, and this does not cover ventilation like on the original model.

All in all this is a massive improvement over the original model, and amazingly comes in £30 cheaper! I believe there will be reviews in the next few weeks & I think this is going to be a strong contender in the SFF case market. Order yours today.

Kolink Rocket V2 Aluminium Mini-ITX Case - Titanium Grey @ £139.99 inc VAT

Fully aluminium SFF Mini-ITX case, anodised titanium grey colour, minimalist design, support for 2.9 Slot VGA Cards up to 330mm, 92mm AIO Support, With USB3.2 Type-C and USB3.0, 92mm Slim PWM Fan

Only £139.99 inc VAT.

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