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Korean and Import Monitor Discussion - an update

Discussion in 'Monitors Archive' started by Baddass, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Disco_P


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    I always find that bf4 is blurry. No matter what settings, or which monitor I use it just looks blurry. Another reason I don't have to play it I guess :D
  2. Pleiades


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    Just a quick thank you to mods for re-energising this interesting (well, to me at least) topic! Have been away a while and tbh was a bit peeved at the 'censorship' imposed on the forums (understandable as it was)...

    Hope people can stay within the remit specified by OCUK and get some more evidence/feedback on this niche but important bit of monitor news (it certainly woke the market up after years of same old 1920x1080 screens)... Cheers!
  3. Mean Mr Mustard


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    This would probably be the overall reason. I can only speak from personal experience but I bought one of these Korean monitors about 2 years ago and I'd never buy another one.

    The picture quality is acceptable and it was cheap, but they're about the only positive things I can say about it.

    - The build quality is cheap and plasticky
    - I've noticed an increasing number of stuck pixels cropping up recently
    - There's a small group of dead pixels near the top right corner
    - When turning the monitor on I'm frequently confronted with a mass of coloured lines on screen, forcing me to turn it off then back on again.
    - The main issue I have though is the terrible coil whine which sounds in perfect synchronisation with the flashing power LED when the monitor goes into standby mode.

    I'm now in the market for a new monitor, this one will be off to the local tip when I make the purchase. Buy cheap, buy twice.
  4. Pleiades


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    Agree the build quality isn't great but it's good enough for me - the stands though are awful (I've had Yamasaki Catleap and Qnix Q270) - VESA mounts are the best solution but for some reason they've made it really awkward to fit them.

    I also hate the stupid flashing LED - I disconnected the Catleap's one altogether when I took off the monitor housing to remove the crappy stand LOL. With the Qnix I just put black tape over the light (same as on my headphones and PC) - why oh why do manufacturer's think it's a good idea to have a plethora of blinking (blinking) ;) lights on everything, especially when the item is either a) working (I know it is, I'm using it) or b) sleeping (in which case, STOP BLINKING)! :D

    Apart from that I've been lucky so far, only having 1 stuck pixel (Catleap) and some backlight bleed (Qnix). Picture quality (Glossy IPS screen) is lovely and I got 100+hz on Catleap and 120hz steady on Qnix (could probably do more but it'd be a bit pointless). There is some artefacting (blue lines) on video @ 120hz so I usually leave it @ 96hz. Also hardware video acceleration on the GPU has to be turned off when viewing flash or you just get blue screen.

    No coil whine I can hear in my case though others have had really bad issues with it...

    Definitely fun to play with but not for serious business really - I'm just glad they've had an effect on the market and maybe even brought the prices of IPS 27" 2560x1440 screens down in general...

    Edit: Oh forgot about the reduced brightness when overclocked, though that doesn't bother me personally.
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  5. anthony566

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  6. Pleiades


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  7. ya mother


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    I have had 3 of these from south korea and sent 2 back and they paid the postage everytime. Not sure if i'm allowed to mention the seller so i won't. :)

    The only problem i had was that i had to pay customs/duty twice for the broken one and the replacement, but after contacting customs and explaining what happened, and gave them all the receipt details etc i got my money back.

    For the price these monitors are great even tho i have just sold my QNIX Tempered Glass today as ive went for a super-widescreen jobby.
    I overclocked mine to 120hz no problem using nvidia control panel, but when going SLI i could only get 96hz which is the other sweet spot on these.

    The first one i got had terrible bleed and the second one had 14 dead pixels.....not a bad thing if they are spread about as the pixels are tiny and hardly noticeable, but i had 5 clumped together right in the middle of the screen......and then they sent me my 3rd one which only had 1 dead pixel which took an age to find and was happy with it.....and to top it off they gave me £50 as a good will gesture for all the hassle i had.

    The time from sending one back to getting a replacement took around 10 days so not too bad.
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  8. philip2009

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    Not sure why you deleted my post DirtyJester the only "competitor" I mentioned was the name of the auction site(and nothing more) the first post in this thread actually mentions -

    Perhaps you should remove the first post in this thread as well ... Oh yes, and post #9 also mentions the auction site ...
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