Krystal vs Stablepoint & Addon Domains vs Reseller

11 Jun 2023
First post so hello.

Looking for some advice on hosting please.

Currently have a hosting reseller account with Heart Internet (£39.99+vat pm). Must have been with them for about 15 years. Service isn’t great. Lots of problems with email delivery. Account has never been used to full potential and current only has 2 domains but a couple more may be needed in the next year or so. All sites under my control and not actually resold. Looking to separate domain reg and hosting and to save some money. Looking at either Stablepoint or Krystal for the hosting.

Stablepoint seems cheaper but I’m slightly concerned about the owner selling up again which I believe they did with their previous company and then things going downhill like they did with Heart.

Also trying to choose between a starter reseller account vs shared hosting with a single CPanel and addon domains.


Krystal: Ruby, 5 sites, £11pm
Krystal: Unity Reseller, 25 CPanels, £20
Stablepoint: Medium, 6 sites, £7.49pm
Stablepoint: Go Reseller, 20 CPanels, £8.99pm

Does anyone have any advice about which to go for? Will I regret going with the shared cPanel option? Will it affect Google ranking? Or make things more difficult to separate the sites later? Or cause issues with CMS or
other software?

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