** lappy specs advice **

30 Oct 2005
hey guys,

im looking to get a laptop for xmas (i already have a good gaming rig). max is £750 preferably less, im gonna be using it for genral computing eg internet, msn, maybe some hotosho and some games (not botherd about max setting or anything just for when i go somewhere) like css, bfv, bf1942, redfaction 2 , avp2, maybe republic comando, what i would call medium or old gen games nothing brandnew.

unfortunatly my knolidge isnt that upto date with laptops this is where i need ** help, i saw a ferrari laptop (thought it was a scam lol) but the spec looked quite good - turion 1.8 cpu , 1 gb ram, ati mobility x700 gfx (128mb), 80gb hdd , and all the toys (bluetooth, wireless, 4 USB, firewire, DVI and VGA out)

is this a good deal for £750 ?

if its not pelase tell me lol. and could u recomend another make/model?

no need to mention "the competitor" just the name of the gear

thanx guys, look forward to seeing some info ;)
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