large number of scam auctions on ebay

17 Dec 2002
yeah i know the title is hardly a surprise to most people. ebay is full of scammers. it's more a curiosity to me really.
Was searching for a new car for my mum and i put in certain search criteria and managed to get almost a whole page of scam auctions.

All on hijacked accounts, all in the virtually the same format, and most likely the same scammer.

basically you get a fairly new prestige car, say a 2003 audi A6, put it on pre-approved bidders only, put it on 1p starting price, state a low price in the description, eg £3500, and give an email address to contact through (not through ebay)
then sit back and wait for stupid people to email you, so you can scam them in whatever way is convenient.

all i happened to do was go to the Car section on ebay.

then in the left hand side i selected listings ending with 24hours, priced to £500 (my budget) then i ordered the results with lowest price first.

wasn't even trying to find scammers, but most of the auctions at the top of the page are as described above.
I even found one where the original owner of the hijacked account came back and (inexpertly) tried to rectify things.

also one of the auctions the scammer has replied to all messages withing the auction description (with the same reply) and theres a couple of pages of messages, so plenty of people show interest in these auctions.

I might add, in some of the listing there is say a 02 plate bmw advertised as a 2003 car.
28 Mar 2005
Drunken badger punching
It's totally rife on eBay at the mo.

I was looking at digital SLR's on there the other week, and found about 5 false scam hijacked account auctions. I spent 15 minutes trying to report it to eBay, couldn't find any category for hijacked account or similar, so gave up in the end. Ebay don't make it easy enough, and by the time someone has buy it nowed an item, it can be too late.
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