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LCD vs OLED - Tear Down of an OLED TV

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Mr_T, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Mr_T


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    Location: Perth, Australia

    Interesting video of a complete disassemble of both LED/LCD TV & OLED

  2. TONY

    Wise Guy

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    Good video, I didn't learn anything but it was still interesting to see.

    It shows that LG use a colour filter that is lit by white Oleds rather than coloured Oleds which would not require a colour filter but would cost more to produce but will hopefully appear in future tv's.
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  3. IvanDobskey


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    The colour filter was already well known. It's LG's way of getting around the blue oleds short lifespan issue.
  4. woppy101


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    I wouldn't count on it, that's what Samsung used and it was a complete failure, if memory serves the blue subpixel had to be nearly 40% larger just to give it the same lifespan as the other 2, but its failure rates were huge I think I was somthing like 70% of the panels that came off the production line were unusable. That's why we LG are using the Kodak OLED method.