Legends of Zork

16 Mar 2006

Anyone 'played' this yet?

Return to Zork was a game I got free with my first PC (13 years ago) and I have fond memories of the game. So when I heard that there was to be a free online RPG called Legends of Zork I took a bit of interest.

The game launched last week and I have now 'played' it twice and have to say that it is completely lost on me. There is no game play whatsoever and I cannot see any point/story/humour or any redeaming features.

The only real game play element seems to be the collection and combination of power cards occasionally dropped by enemies - no indication of combinations is given and it seems to be a trial and error to find a powerful combo.

Game play is limited - you get 30 action points per day and use one up each time you move to a different location or fight. You can buy more action points or get them free by completing various questionnaires on line.

Traveling is done by clicking on the map - most locations are not available for low level characters. Fighting is random with an encounter at every location you visit and results of the fight determined bu dice roles.

As mentioned I have only played the game twice and may be doing it a dis-service. Has anyone else played? Has anyone had any fun? If so please tell me what I have missed.
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