LG CX Freesync issue

15 Apr 2009
Hello :)

I have problem I can not get freesync to work with [email protected] but it works fine when set to 120hz.

@60hz I can enable HDR which I use for games when they are available but @120hz no HDR because of HDMI 2.0 bandwidth limits i believe.

Freesync says its active [email protected] on the LG CX display when i mash the green button to bring up the VVR overlay but i get screen tearing. I have tried different refresh rates but still not working only @120Hz does freesync work.

Is it because its a 120Hz screen will freesync only kick in when set to that refresh rate? shouldn't it work even if the refresh rate is set lower within its freesync range which is 40-120Hz on this TV

I am using a 5700xt so its HDMI 2.0 which i believe is enough for [email protected]

If anyone can shed some light on this problem it would be appreciated, Thanks :)

I already put this in the AV section by mistake :( i will try and delete it from there.
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