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Licking the lid.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rubberduck, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Participant


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    I was going to post that she probably thought you were a primitive ape but then saw the conclusion. Cool story if true.
  2. Terminal_Boy


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    A heartwarming thread for a chilly Sunday!
  3. Bony Maloney


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    Cool story bro :cool: Once a lid licker, always a lid licker :p
  4. Feek


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    I’m sensing a name change here.
    “Mr. Lidlicker” :D
  5. red eye

    Wise Guy

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    Lick it and find out:D
  6. Seearbe


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    No. Leave the company ink alone. You'll only end up getting HR involved.

    Oh, hang on...
  7. Smokey Deza

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    Bravo OP
  8. dowie


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    Good way to necro a thread, well done OP :)
  9. Jean-F

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    You’re a regular buzzkill, I was just mulling over a scenario where I was 45 years younger, and still gently easing young women into joining me for dinner, after they’d greenlighted me with a soft smile.
    FWIW, I lick the lid at home, (on yoghurt).
  10. PermaChanged


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    Amazing if true, congrats OP!
  11. AHarvey


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    Just have to be careful I don't get it all over the beard...
  12. Acme


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    If you're worried then scrape it into the pot instead :p

    e; Oh. I see :p
  13. BowdonUK


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    This reminds me of a King of Queens episode were Doug is suspected of licking a trash can lid.

    Lid licker! :D
  14. morbid42


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    I would have just tongue dived the pot and calmly commented on a rogue bit of tissue paper