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Listening to Radio

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by martinturner, 5 Jan 2012.

  1. martinturner

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    Want to get rid of an old stereo in our dining room and use the PC to play radio stations instead (mainstream ones like Radio1, Radio2 etc). Rather than going to the stations website and streaming, is there a program that you can buy/download that works much like an actual 'radio' that has all of them on? Thank you :)
  2. Dano


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    Plenty of desktop gadgets for win7 and vista sidebar that will do this, along with plenty of media players such as winamp's shoutcast.
  3. cats_five


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    When I did this my bandwidth usage shot through the roof as I work at home and was streaming most of the day. I switched to using the Sky connection - not as convenient but free.

    For streaming BBC stations, all you need is on their website:

  4. Scottland


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    If you visit bbcstreams.com, then you can download an asx file which will allow you to play the streams through programs such as windows media player etc.

    Another option would be to use the website tunein.com, which lets to create an account and add a number of online radio stations to your favourites. They also have apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone which lets you do the same.
  5. martinturner

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    Awesome, cheers guys!
  6. yashiro


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