Livebox connection issue, advice/help needed

16 Jul 2006
After some help/advice please, I have a wireless laptop and the Wanadoo/Orange Livebox. I have just moved house and am in the process of getting my broadband transferred to my new address. I have been using the Livebox at my previous address for about six months and had it all set up wirelessly with my laptop no problem.

However on plugging it all back in today, my laptop is picking up the wanadoo connection but is not automatically connecting to it like it should, sometimes it will connect to it automatically but then drop out after a short while and other times it just doesn't connect to it at all?

My broadband service at my new address isn't enabled yet but surely my laptop should still be connecting to my livebox shouldn't it? The settings and everything are fine as like I said it was setup before and worked fine, I haven't changed anything on that side of things.

It is set to connect automatically to the wanadoo connection and it is picking it up but at the moment it seems a bit hit and miss, any ideas?
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