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Looking for Network Access Control recommendations

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by Hellsmk2, 27 Mar 2021.

  1. Hellsmk2


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    I'm looking for recommendations for some decent open source network access control software?

    I'm using my rubbish EE router at the moment, but it forces me to set rules up based on individual mac addresses, which in the age of mac address randomisation... is a PITA the second any new Android device appears on the network. Bored of updating hard to read rules on it. You can't even label devices on it, so unless I know the mac address by sight, it ends up with me having go look up the mac address vendor, or physically check any device to see what mac it has.

    Google has really only turned up opennac, which I've never come across before. What are folk here using to control all the devices on their network?

    I'm looking for very basic functionality - block internet access on certain devices at certain times based on certain rules / criteria, and have a whitelist for IoT devices and always on stuff. AD integration would also be nice so I could just block the kids accounts regardless of what windows box they logon from.
  2. BigT


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    Network kit that supports VLANs and multiple SSIDs. In my case that’s pfSense and Ubiquiti Access Points. I’d set an SSID on the access points that I’d give the kids credentials to. Then put it on its own VLAN and set rules on the router for that VLAN with schedules and rate limits and anything else I need like isolation from other bits of the network. I don’t have kids but it’s the same principles as to how I set my guest network up and my IoT network up.