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Loop configuration

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by CONSOLE_BUTCHER, Apr 20, 2017.



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    I know the typical way to configure a loop is ... res - rad - cpu - rad - gpu , then if you have another rad or not you could put it into the loop or not then back into the res.

    What my concern is , is that i dont have much space so would it be ok to do it like this ... res - rad - cpu - gpu - rad - res. As for the rads that i have it is 2 of these ...


    If i done it the way i suggested im guessing there would be a lack of cooling performance , but it doesnt hurt to get an opinion from people.

    Thanks in advance. (Y)
  2. paradigm


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    In reality it matter little what order of flow you have, the loop will have a certain thermal capacity and will reach equilibrium regardless of the order of the components.

    What makes more difference is restrictive bends, so always set your loop up in the "cleanest" way possible. My loop goes Res/Pump > 360 Rad > 360 Rad > GPU > CPU > Res/Pump, for this exact reason.

    My temps are still superb.


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    That makes sense, im relatively new to water cooling and custom set ups in general . Gonna have to do the test and see if its works for myself.

    The reason that i started thinking about a different loop order was that it would of looked like the tubing was being dragged off to one side if i had done it in a typical manner.
  4. Aberfala

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    It'll be fine.

    As the others have said the component order is of far less importance than maintaining decent flow.

    Just build it to use the least tubing you can while maintaining smooth tubing runs between components.

    For comparison my loop is res>pump>rad>gpu>rad>mb>cpu> and it works great.
  5. VKleita

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    Recently tried this, all my rads are now external so all three are in a "run"

    Seems to have made absolutly no diffrence really in the big scheme of things.

    Just do it nice and tidy :)
  6. EXxx


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    +1 on what the guys said.
    the only one you want is to have the pump drawing water from the res directly. In theory it'd be nice to have the cpu/gpu at the beginning, but water temperature reaches balance inside the loop. Just design the loop to have the least amount of bends as even a 45 degree fitting will have some restriction.

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