loose fittings across the loop

16 Jul 2020
Something really weird is happening in my loop.
I saw a bit of colour from the liquid formed on one of the fitting, I got really scared!
it wasn't in liquid form, it was hard, like paint. in a bit of panic, I tightened the fitting where this colour paint was, and I realised that it was loose!
I went about the whole loop, and realised that allot of the fittings are loose! so I tightened them all.

Is it normal for a running system to be acting like this (needing to be tightend) after only a month of use?

The Fitting I'm using are Bykski B-FTHTJ-L12 ANTI-OFF, maybe they aren't good? maybe I should replace them? (they were brand new). Or... maybe it's because I'm using PETG and running with 40C water temperature, so... the tubing are getting deformed?

Should I change fittings?
Should I change PETG to Acrylic?
23 Mar 2011
West Side
Sometimes fittings just need that extra little tighten especially if loose, nothing to worry about, but always best to keep checking now and then.
2 Feb 2021
PETG starts to soften at around 70 degrees, generally happens near the blocks if your water is not flowing fast enough or pump dying.

Normally residue on the outside are there during the initial fitting process, as long as it is dry, all is fine.

Also DO NOT oven tighten the PETG fittings, it will cause more problems, water cooling loop is not running under any kind of pressure, you do not need super tight fittings, hand tight is enough.
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