Low Profile cooler using Intel Push-Pin Fasteners?

23 Nov 2007
Lancashire, UK
Well I'm loving my move to my Sugo SG01 case, but what I'm loving less is the noise being thrown out by the stock Intel 775 cooler on my Q8200.

I've read around, and seen that HS's like the NT06 would be ideal, since they fit in the case and would just utilise my PSU fan for cooling - HOWEVER, I'd really rather avoid taking apart the PC I just build, since SFFs aren't the quickest things to work on, and my cable tying has been done to extremes!

So the exam question is - can anyone spec a good HS, either passive or with "standard" fan mounts (I've got a spare silent Sharkoon that matches my case fans, but I can't see how to fix it onto the stock Intel heatsink) that I could fit to the board simply using the standard push-pin fasteners?

I've seen a couple of Akasas that fit the bill technically, but looking at the size of them I'm not convinced how hard the fan is going to have to work to keep their temperature down.

Thanks in advance.
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