Lower temps with Stock???

27 Feb 2007
England, Plymouth
Hey guys,

I am using Core Temp as my program and also the Asus AI.

The temperatures I was getting on idle with the Corsair H40 was 12 Degrees Celsius on Core 0,

Now I know that the temperature is wrong as the ambient temperature is around 18 degrees but I am using the average temps as a guide;

CPU AMD 8150

Corsair H40 Minimum 8 Degrees, Average Idle 12 Degrees, On Load 38 Degrees

Stock Cooler: Minimum 3 Degrees, Average Idle 7 Degrees, On Load 33 Degrees

Both had the standard motherboard config.

I tried the H40 is every possible config and ended u with the rad outside the case with the latest results, also the pump was plugged into a molex for permanent full power and fans replaced with Cooler Master Sickle Fans.

Is my H40 dud or are they really this bad?

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