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m-ATX case that's portable

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by WhiteCobra, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. WhiteCobra


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    Hey All

    Having visited a mate who had his Vive setup in his living room I'm looking to dust off my Rift. I never really got into it as the Man Cave only gave me just enough room to stand still, with small movements to the left or right resulting in wall banging.

    I currently have an old Antec P180 mini that's just too much bother for me to move it around the house regularly.

    Can anyone recommend a m-atx case that is portable? Something with handles that will make dragging it up and down the stairs easier?

    Case would need to allow for:

    founders edition 1070
    120 AIO cooler
    1x HDD

    Many Thanks
  2. Legend


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    There is the Cerberus, although it's not cheap, especially by the time you add Int'l shipping costs. You'd be hard pressed to spend more money on a case even if you tried lol!


    You may be better off looking at an ITX build. Most M-ATX cases I think you'll find will be a bit too much bother to move around regularly.