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Mac Mini or Shuttle?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by soundwave, 30 Apr 2006.

  1. soundwave

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    I've decided It's finally time I get a comuter at my flat so I need to make the decision as to what I want.

    Now I dont do much PC gaming (little bit of Football Manager but that's about it) & use it mainly for Internet so I dont know which way to go.
    I am looking into taking up photography & film making as well this year so will be using the PC/Mac as an editing tool & I'm lead to believe a Mac is better for this???

    I've just come back from my mates & he has an iBook which was great & has got me thinking about the Mini Mac's as a home solution and possibly a Media Centre (hence the shuttle PC option) but how good are they as a media centre?

    Which would you prefer?

    I'm going to have about £600 to spend on Either (Once I save up) & just want some opinions on the best route to take...a PC that will be fully upgradeable or a Mac that I assume isnt quite as upgradeable for the future??

    Thanks for any input it's much appreciated