MacBook Pro dead USB.

18 Oct 2002
Sunny South Devon
Well I've had my mbp for a few days over a month now. Motherboard and DC Board died after 7 days and I was without the machine for a fortnight because of easter etc.,

First thing that happened when I turned it on was a message about the USB drawing too much current and the port would be disabled. Thought nothing of it and carried on, wiped and reloaded the machine and the error went away.

I had my ipod nano attached to the left hand usb port yesterday for about an hour and the case got so hot it nearly burned my hand. Now this morning the left hand usb port will not work at all, so off back to apple she goes for a second time. Not happy.

So to all you peeps drooling over mbp's and 17" mbp's I would definately say wait untill at least june/july (a good 6 months from release) before jumping in. Unless of course you could do with the hassle.

That said its still a very nice machine to work on, I just wish they'd (Apple) would get their house in order. Oh and Apples policy on replacing machines is they will only replace 'after' the 3rd major component replacement.

So my mbp will still have been away being repair for twice as long as I have actually been using it. :eek: Fortunately I'm on holiday next week so being without it shouldn't be too much hassle.

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Deleted member 651465

Replacement after a 3rd major component release?!

I'd be tempted to rip out the hard drive and break it, just to get a new one! I could never live with a repaired computer, specially as I'd just bought it! :eek:
18 Oct 2002
It's up to whatever Apple say really. They are a lot better than most other manufacturers with regards to end-user support.
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