Macbook pro HDD problem

21 May 2009
Hey guys a mate of mine has given me his mac-book pro to fix but having never used a mac it's causing me a few headaches:confused:

the problem is the HDD the original has developed a fault an easy fix or so i thought........ so i fitted a new drive inserted the install dvd and started it up, after a few mins the set-up starts and all go's well upto the point of picking where to install and all that come's up is a big white box with nothing :confused: it's the same with the original drive nothing??? :confused:

both drives show up fine in the disk utility but cannot format or anything else

as a picture is worth 1000 words heres 3 :)



i could really use some help here guys this is for a really good friend and the laptop has sentimental value to his family and they don't have a great deal of cash so sending it to apple is out as are all the shops round here, so please help me!!! :)
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