Major problems - Itunes + SATA HDD

20 Aug 2006
specs are

P5B Deluxe
150gb Raptor
500gb Samsung 501lj
250gb Hitatchi IDE via Jmicron

I used to have my Itunes library on a Sata HDD - but then migrated it to an IDE drive ... so I know it used to work

recently though it ended up back on a SATA HDD (my Raptor 150 gb) - and it just doesn't work...

2 minutes-4 minutes of downloading and it locks up - enough that I can't really shut down Itunes and I have to reboot PC ...

moved the library to an IDE drive on the JMicron controller - and AOK .. no problems at all

move the libary to my other Sata drive - a Samsung 501lh - and problems again - locks up within 2-3 minutes

probably is my IDE drive (Hitatchi) is beginning to fail ... so not a long term solution.

I can't think of any reason that it now doesn't work with my Sata drive - apart from I loaded the latest Intel Sata drivers the other week (about time I started having problems)

problem is I un-installed these new drivers, and still had the Itunes problem

any ideas please ?

thanks, Mark.