MBP electric shocks?

18 Oct 2002
I have been experiencing unusual effects of having my 15" MBP plugged into the mains.

basically, when unplugged the mbp is fine, I have no problems, but when the magsafe is attached and the laptop is connected to the mains, if I gently move my hands over the casing I get very small electric shocks, and when I type, if my lower arm (near the wrist) touches the edge of the machine, I get really low powered but intense pain, an electric shock again into my arm.

They feel like static shocks, but it is only when plugged in, and the shock to my arm is extremely discomforting almost to the point of causing a reflex jolt back away from the casing :(

I have not really experienced this before now, the mbp and charger has been used quite a lot recently, and have been moved around a lot as we are decorating, maybe something has broken either in the charger or in the machine?

Was just wondering has anyone here experienced anything similar?

Edit, just reading up on this, seems a lot of people get this issue when using the charger with the plug that plugs directly into the mains, rather than the extension cord.

And I remember now I did change the plugs from the extension to the directly attached plug today before this started

Edit 2 - Just swapped back and no more shocks! that is very strange indeed!
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