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Memory popping

Discussion in 'Memory' started by Crezzlin, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Crezzlin

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    Anyone had RAM problems with the Gigabyte Z390 Master, Ive had the Gigabyte 3200 ram set in from day one 2x8gig and 2xdummy RGB, one stick failed so I sent it back and had been using some corsair memory from a friend until I got it back.

    Got the memory back and put it in with the corsair memory so I had 32gb all the same stock voltage etc, 2 weeks later 3 sticks are dead and only one of gigabyte sticks is working :S I can't even get it to post with the corsair sticks. it just loops and if I have both the gigabyte sticks in one shows as 8gb and the other some random amount. I updated the bios and changed from DIMM to DIMM but still, only the one stick worked. soo strange, either the mater is blowing them or the gigabyte sticks been faulty somehow did it.. confused lol
  2. opethdisciple


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    I read the title as Mary Poppins.