memory upgrade help please

18 Jan 2004
This is for a friend of mine who cant be bothered to register...

I’m looking to upgrade on a somewhat limited budget. Main reason(s) for upgrade are:

· Problems with windows explorer freezing/crashing when I browse folders/pictures
· Playing WoW and want to start PvP-ing more, but currently far too laggy to do this effectively
· Starting EVE-Online soon and wanting best possible experience from it

Currently running:

· Gfx card: Radeon 9800 Pro
· Processor: AMD Athlon (2Ghz)
· Mobo: Abit NF7
· RAM: Corsair 512Meg (PC3200/200Mhz)

First port of call is the RAM. I’m looking at these two, which should I get (or are they both so near-obsolete as to be useless and I should save up for a pricier one)?

Corsair® Value Select 1Gb DDR2 PC5400 Kit (2 x 512MB)


Corsair® Value Select 1Gb DDR2 PC5400

… only difference I can see (other than the price) is that one is “1gig” and the other is “1gig (2x512meg)” – is there really any difference? Or is the 1 gig ‘better’ as the other one is just two cards sandwiched together? Or are they BOTH 2x512megs sandwiched together (for all I know) but only one of them says so?

Also, is it worth my while upgrading processor/gfx card/mobo just yet, or is what I’m currently running sufficient for my needs as stated? I think my RAM is the biggest weakness on my machine but would appreciate a more enlightened view…

Many thanks
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