Minitab on Vista?

14 Dec 2003
Anyone managed to get minitab15 (or 14) installed on vista?

I get to what looks like the end of installation then get an error and it all rolls back. running under compatibility for XP-SP2 mode as administrator.
7 Apr 2004
How are you installing it?

If its an E-academy/demo or perpetual install then there are incompatibility issues. If its an Annual/network install it should go through. Saying that, you will have problems running the statguide. Again Microsoft has removed an item important for it to run.

As far as I am aware there is an incompatibility with the product activation part of the release 15 installer. Which affects the E-academy, demo, and single licences. Basically the product activation program just will not work.

With the annual licence it runs slightly different and uses Flex to monitor the licences and this might work.

I havent tried installing on my vista machine at home yet but I can give it a go later and let you know how far I get.

Otherwise the best suggestion right now is to call the techsupport phone number.

As for release 14 though it does not use the same product activation as 15 and therefore should install. However the e-academy one will not.

Like I said I need to take these to my home pc and try them out and see what I can get to work and what I cant.

Best course of action I can suggest is to call the techsupport line in the UK and they should be able to go through all the issues on the install that are known about.
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