modding my monitor stand

17 Jul 2009
at home, you?
hey guys, i have been thinking about modding my triple monitor stand, which is a flat one, was pretty cheap when i purchased it,
so i put up with it being a bit odd rather than a wrap around, i just end up with 2 angled screens that dont line up properly,

here is an image of it


its a vonhaus brand, cant remember where it was from, but yeah, im feeling it now needs a slight mod in the form of having the outiside monitors on a slight angle to meet up with my main screen, as the way they sit currently, it just doesnt fit for me,
so having a metal fab shop below my flat ends up being convenient,
as the guy said he will cut an weld them to bend the ends around to give me the wrap around kinda bar for about 10-15 quid, my only issue is measuring it up to work out how far/where to bend it, so if anyone has a better clue than me, it would be appreciated

here are the measurements from their official specs, mass produced so im assuming there may be a very minor varience


im running 3 x hanns-g 21.5 lcd screens, manufacturers specs are aparantly saying the screen is 512.8 x 185 x 367.4mm

once i have this all worked out, i will post more pics and updates
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