More E-bay Madness...

11 Mar 2005
Leafy Cheshire
Some crazy people on e-bay, however, this add is fantastic, the guy rants on for ages :p

What you’ll find is that sports car drivers are positioned socially, somewhere between a BMW X5 owner, or rather Satans Sidekicks as most people seem to label them i.e.. the lowest of the low and Porsche 911 owners, universally referred too as a “gits”.

So, the good news is, assuming the sight of the body work doesn’t kill you, the brakes my actually save your life.

Yes – it’s cheap. It’s a Category D car. OH MY GOOD HEAVENS. I can hear you cry “I knew it, I’ve been reading this bilge for 5 minutes and it’s a damn Cat D” – but hold on. The incident happened, or so I was assured, shortly after the car was built back in 2000. The damage was done, apparently, by a jealous girlfriend and a baseball bat. Each panel receiving a less than tender smack with the bat. No real damage done. The mechanics, the steering, the bits that make it go are all fine and dandy – the body work, as can seen from these pictures, is a bit ropey. What’s that? You can’t see it from the pictures can you? If you are an Eagle, perched on the bonnet with a degree in car paint and automotive spraying practices and a microscope – you can see the evidence of a 5 year old respray. Normal humans would perhaps struggle.

:p :p
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