most random favour ever - need to live in huddersfield

10 Apr 2006
North West
I just moved house today and due to the postal strike my mail didn't get delivered on time :(
I went back today to pick up the last of my stuff and drop off the key,to find a slip saying sorry we missed you blah blah.
Only thing is, I now live 80miles away and the redeliver doesnt work for that distance.
I can get it redelivered for 50p to an alternative address but it has to be local, ie within Huddersfield.

So does anyone live in Huddersfield that will be in their house the next few days that could take the parcel for me and I can pay for postage to me, otherwise its going to cost me £15 to drive there and back for 1 item :(

Random but not got any other choice really otherwise its getting sent back to the sender I think and then I can tell him new address but I need it asap :*(
8 Mar 2003
From the last time I tried to do this, the wording says that it can be redelivered to your local post office - I dont think it specified that the PO has to be local to the first delivery address. But it is possible that is how this system is designed and would explain the 50p charge rather than something higher.
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