Motor Insurance Question

29 Sep 2004
Wilt of the Shire
Just in the process of renewing my insurance and I have a couple of questions. Nearly all the sites I have visited so far have an added option of adding legal expenses cover to the policy. I thought you were already covered by the policy if you were fully comp? Does this mean we are going the way of the americans where we buy different bits of the insurance? Do you really need legsl expenses cover?
13 Mar 2004
in my opinion, no. ive worked for the last 5 years doing insurance litigation, RTA PI work.

with fully comp insurance, if someone else damages your car and wont carry out the repairs for you, you claim on your insurance who will then pursue the other insurer. due to your insurer having lost money, they will then, if necessary, commence claims against the other party or their insurer and the job is done for you

legal cover will normally cover you for uninsured losses... which can simply be tacked on to your normal claim against the other insurer anyway. they also add a load of guff about 'in the event you are injured'.... well if you are, go to one of the millions of 'no will no fee' ambulance chasing companies

the only thing i can see that 'legal protection' gives you is that it will make arrangements for a 'no win no fee' company to make a claim for you... which you can do yourself for free.

i dont have it as i dont beleive there is anything to gain
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