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Moving House - How to leave currently owned property for new occupants

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by ecksmen, May 1, 2019.

  1. b0rn2sk8


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    Curtain rails is a pretty standard thing to take, as are blinds, towel tails and loo roll holders. They are all listed on the inventory document you send to your solicitors so there shouldn't be any surprises. You normally have to leave basic light fittings and bulbs in the contact.

    I wouldn't bother sorting the small holes for pictures, it will just look worse because any re-painted areas are unlikely to match the colour or finish. In the mean time people can put their own picture up until they decorate and put their own stamp on things.

    £2 coin sized holes is probably another matter, id be temped to ask if the buyers want the TV mount left in place to have having to repair it.
  2. Bickaxe


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    Leave it as clear as possible. Fill large holes by don't worry about picture hook sized holes.

    We left a vase of flowers, a card and a game of monopoly (themed to the town) with a note that read 'In case you hadn't had enough of buying houses'.
  3. wesimmo

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    TBF that looks like a half decent workbench and some useful racking amongst the rubbish!
  4. samcat


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    Workbench, racking and cabinets stayed - was a temporary workbench until I got my proper workbench installed.. 4m long, supported on stacks of concrete blocks, old bench was chopped down and used to create shelves between the pillars of concrete blocks.
  5. ecksmen

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    Taking curtain poles, this was clearly defined up front. All windows have blinds fitted, I've filled all the holes I can, but it's not perfect. House will be left clean as possible.

    Appreciate the input - theres clearly no set standard but I cant see how anyone can complain over what I've done.
  6. Abyss


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    I'd feel uncomfortable leaving holes the size of gripit fixings in a 5 year old house. When we sold our 6 year old new build I filled any screw holes and decorated.

    We did however just speak to the buyer on a few things eg we were taking the wardrobes which would leave a section of carpet missing, however they were fine with it as they planned to recarpet anyway.

    In terms of TV wall brackets we left the brackets and all fixings to mount their TV on (one in the living room one in the bedroom).
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  7. roboamigo


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    We left ours spotless, holes filled and painted, chandeliers replaced with pendants and bulb etc. etc.

    Our new house was full of crap, inside and out, even the drains were packed solid with *****, baby wipes and nappies.
  8. balls

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    We filled all holes in walls, and with a cleaner friend left our house spotless when moving out... something the new house was not.
  9. Abyss


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    Location: Nottingham

    Very similar on the selling front. We paid for cleaners to come in the day before completion (we had enough going on at the time!). Seemed the decent thing to do when selling something for hundreds of thousands.

    Fortunately our next house was also a new build so immaculately clean.
  10. The Craig


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    You dont have to, but id just leave the tv mounts on?

    Generally a new mount is only about 20 quid anyways?
  11. a1ex2001


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    Total waste if the new owner doesn’t want it and chucks it out, at least ask them first!