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moving website and more importantly emails

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by hargi, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. hargi

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    I have a website that I do for a golf club, The site is just a WordPress site... But they have emails attached to that domain that they access via outlook.

    I have been with Vidahost for years for all my services etc but TShost is getting expensive. I'm on an old legacy plan which is 500mb... got a complaint yesterday that they weren't receiving emails. logged in the usage was 504mb ( 200mb for the site, 140mb for emails and some other stuff) then 120mb for 'other files' * that are not in the home directory... I asked if these could be removed.. but there 'server files' so basically 1/5 of the space I'm paying for is taken up with stuff that I can't remove.

    Anyways... I have no problem moving the site from one provider to another ( either to my friends hosting or to like a digital ocean account) its the transferring the emails across to somewhere new that bothers me...

    Any tips or advice
  2. Beansprout

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    That sounds odd. Might be the database?

    Surely if you only have 500Mb space you'll be paying a small amount - I'd guess under 20 quid a year if I remember the old packages?
  3. touch


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    When you say you want to transfer emails across, do you mean keeping all old emails or is it just the ability to send+receive email you need?

    Most hosting packages will include email accounts in them. It'll have a different address for the webmail login and you'll need to update everyone's outlook settings to connect to a new server but it's not too difficult.
    Moving across a backup of the old emails could be more difficult.