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MSRP vs Actual for review?

6 Feb 2019
I think street prices are the correct way forward now. AMD and Nvidia seem to think RRP/MSRP is more an "introductory limited launch day pricing" to look good in reviews.

Supply will affect it to, at least the way TPU is doing it. For example they're saying that when doing the review, if no stores have stock they will check eBay and take the lowest price on eBay for the card - basically they will look for the lowest In Stock price for the graphics card when reviewing it.

Here is an example of this change in action, normally the RX6800 Strix OC has a MRSP of $700 - but the lowest In Stock prices that can be found is $950 so $950 is used as its price

20 Jun 2016
Big up for techpower up for doing this. :D

MSRP and ACTUAL STREET PRICE has grown more and more over the years and is simply not acceptable anymore.:D

And this was fuelled by the scalpers.
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