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My gfx slightly under-performing.

10 Jul 2006

Me and my friend nearly have identical pcs and we use both the same gfx drivers.

I have AMD 3200+, 2Gig Ram, Radeon x1800xt. On the source engine i have about 80fps most of the time but when in a firefight it drops to about 30 and thats even using a fps config to try to stop this.

My friend has;

AMD 3800, 1Gig Ram, Radeon x1800xt. On the source engine he has about 80-90 fps and when he gets in a firefight he doesnt have hardly any fps drop, if it does its to about 60-70. He also runs on full spec.

The only conclusion really is my CPU is holding me back.

A mate is selling hes AMD 3800+ for £20 hes had it for about 1 month and works fine. You think its worth getting the 3800+ as this could be the problem?

Tnx Bez
Man of Honour
25 Oct 2002
It's very likely as the FPS drops you see in firefights when there is a lot of action on screen are nearly always down to CPU limitations. Whereas just running around the gfx card is the bottleneck which is why you get very similar performance.

Or in other words, the MINIMUM framerate is quite often dictated by the cpu, unless using very high settings.