my new project - a game review site

12 Feb 2006
well now decided on my next big project, a game review website!!! that will hopefully teach me some new stuff and be a place for me many views on games to be shared.

I haven't done anything to start it yet except plan it in my head so i figured before i start that come here for some advice/tips. The idea of the site is simple really, a place for me to name and shame the games i play. Now atm i don't actually play a lot of games, but i do see my brother play a lot, and also plan to be buying a lot as i have certainly missed out on many apparently great games and plan to stop that.

first thing is the name, i know its need needed atm but i can't get my mind past the name so i need some ideas so i can move on. Basically i like the whole mammal, animal thing so want to have that in there, and wanting something to do with game review but can't think of a good mix. Any suggestions, maybe mixes of ones you have seen that thought was catchy.

Next thing is just some advice on things you'd like to see for a game review site. It will be bascially like a blog, but just wondering any features you have seen, or not, that you think would make a good game review site. I going to look around but atm i havne't ever really looked at a game review site so have few ideas, maybe any you can point me to.

I know this has been done a lot and a lot fail, but tbh i have so much to say about games that i feel it would be great to make a site to share this. My brother has to tell me to shut up because i talk so much about the game as i have so much to say.

thanks for the help
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