N173HHE-G32 control board?? Does one exist?

21 Aug 2015
Syke's Palace
Hi all,

I'm looking to build my own portable monitor case to take to LANs. What I want is simple- a 17-inch, 120hz 1080p display. The problem is, I've been looking and looking and NONE of them seem to have extant control boards. I can only assume the high-end laptop space has moved on to embedding the LCD controller into the mainboard, but surely, SURELY there exists a control board out there that can drive them? Any of them?

For example, the N173HHE-G32. An extremely popular and common 17-inch 120hz display. I can't find any info that can lead me to a control board I can be sure works. Same story with every other display I've looked at.

Would it be possible to, like, cannibalise a dead gaming laptop and rip apart its motherboard leaving only the display-driving components? Somehow, I seriously doubt it. But I know next to nothing about this stuff.

Please, someone give me a hand.