NAS - which IDE controller?

6 Feb 2007

I currently have 5x 320GB IDE HDD and a couple of various sized seagate drives. I have a p4 1.6 IBM Netvista mobo in a larger case and an ITE 2 channel IDE controller card. Has anybody got an experience of this card in Linux? I did consider using FreeNAS but I don't think this card is recognised under FreeBSD. I'm also having weird boot problems, I'm not sure if the PSU (500 Watt) is sufficient, although I would have assumed it is. I also need to check that the card functions correctly in a different mobo, I have a spare ECS K7S5A but I don't really want to use this as a server as I feel it wouldn't be stable enough. The weird boot problems include :-

Screen not waking up on boot/reboot
hanging when finding IDE/ITE PCI card BIOS
hanging after initial boot selection screen on Debian installer and FreeNAS installer

These are all seperate incidents.

I have swapped PCI slots and also removed the PCI ITE card, it functioned fine with the card removed and worked once the card was replaced for a few boots, but then went back to displaying the same symptoms.

This mobo/mem/CPU ran a media machine playing back TV for a year without issue under XP.

Any ideas?
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