Need help with upgrade

22 Dec 2011
Hello everyone.

I need advice on upgrading my old PC which has the next hardware parts:

Intel core2duo E4700
Nvidia Gforce 9500
6GB DDR2 667 or 800 not sure which one
OEM motherboard,power supply

What i need is what should i buy to do OC lets say around 3.2-3.5Ghz for max 150€ i was looking this motherboard power supply ram and what CPU cooler i should get so i can get this 3.2-3.5Ghz OC

What if i go for the same components but i look for motherboard with ddr2 so i can focus on better cpu cooler will i have problems in working i mean will the pc go slow with ddr2 since im not going to use it for heavy games (not on max i mean)