Need some advice please

12 Dec 2014
Hiya guys, I purchased a Samsung RG5 240Hz monitor for my desktop, for general use and gaming. However I am noticing white lines all over the screen from top to bottom, they are very faint and there's hundreds of them going vertically covering the screen. They seem much worse on solid colours especially red yellow and blue.

Someone told me these are scan lines and completely normal on a gaming monitor? Weird thing is when I launch a game or a video, or youtube, these lines go away completely, however they are there under Windows 10 and general web browsing etc.

I am connected via Display Port with a new cable and I have tried HDMI and lines still there. I disabled G Sync and lowered the refresh rate but nothing changes, is it faulty or is this completely normal for a gaming monitor?
22 Oct 2018
No, it's not because it is a gaming monitor. It sounds to me like an issue with the firmware although I have not heard other people complaining about this. I would find a forum specific to Samsung and check out their gaming monitors and see if anyone is complaining of the same thing. I vaguely remember that the G9 had something similar but I am not sure.
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