Need some wireless help (wrt54GS)



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8 Jan 2003
Hi guys,

Right, I'm getting really annoyed with my wireless setup. I live in a victorian house which has thick floors and walls. I have one of my housemates downstairs with a laptop. The card says it's connected at ~36/48/54Mbps with an 'excellent' signal. The problem is, the connection is really sketchy. As the crow flies, there's probably 2.5/3metres distance between the laptop and the router, that is going through one floor and one wall, but still relatively close.

If I load up her browser, it goes to google and searching for something which I know she has never searched for results in the google page coming up and loading instantly, but clicking a link and it takes ages or just times out. My router WRT54GS had hyperWRT + Thibor, so I tried just going all the way back to linksys firmware but it's still sketchy. Surely the router can cope with such a short distance to travel?

I would have thought if it was down to the signal, it would be classed as poor and not get a 36~54Mbps connection? I'm getting annoyed because being the guy in the house who apparantly knows about computers (no idea where they got that idea from) I'm having to help them all out as they're my mates, yet I'm at the end of my tether and I'm even having to run cables (but tidily, which means shed loads of cable).

Any ideas on how to stabilise the connection?
29 Dec 2002
Take the laptop upstairs and put it next to the ap, then try enabling SSID broadcast, turn off wep etc. you could also experiment with the chan (normally people find 11 to work well but ymmv). If it still isn't working also try and drop the mode down to 11mbit for maximum stability on the ap and the card.

If that doesn't work report back :)
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