23 Sep 2020
Hey everyone.

I get my student loan next month and I will have a £600 budget.
I might be starting a job which would give me a budget of £800 so looking for advice on both prices.
I am a university student for cyber security so needing a good amount of cores as the pc will last at least 2 to 3 years as I have 2 years left then a year at least for the start of my career.
I will be getting a cheap ultrawide monitor 2 months after the build for about £200.
I will also do some gaming and streaming on the side. I am looking for a white pc build that I could get RGB later on, goal is to have it look like a nice set up with a 7 Deadly Sins theme but that would be after 3 or 4 months. Any advice would be absolutely amazing. Been trying to get a pc over the past year but not had luck with keeping a job especially during the pandemic. Can't wait for my course to start again next month :)

Hope you are all staying safe and getting by okay. Best of wishes to you all.
23 Sep 2020
Welcome aboard.

If you're not in hurry AMD is releasing new Zen3 architecture CPUs in 8th of next month and that will make current Zen2 CPU prices go down.
That should make 6 core/12 thread very affordable and also 8 core/16 thread could drop toard £200.
And if having later more money there would be upgrade path all the way to 16c/32t.

RGB stands mostly for Ridiculously Grossly Bloated prices.
Hence it should come only when you have more money than know what to do with.
Thank you :)

Yeah I get my payment on the 7th of October so I will purchase at that time rate. :)
I was going for a 2600x but if I can afford it I would go with the 2700x, I know it has slower clock speeds but it is a massive improvement over what I have so I don't mind haha.

The RGB will be at a later date as a treat down the line so I won't be getting that when I start my build.
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