new 24" or 26" monitor main app 360 and sky SD

16 Aug 2006
Hey guys

I am looking out for a new monitor, needs to work with sky SD and mainly going to be used with 360 via hdmi

I looking primarily at 2707 dell but its a bit expensive also it would be to replace an old lg 26 hdtv which is perfectly usable but has some temporary image retention that is starting to bother me.

I bought a 32" toshiba hdtv 1080i and thru the 360 the image absolutely sucked and that just got returned. I might even tell you the story of the electronics store and how they handled the return another time.

the Benq 24 inch looked good but i hear of people having trouble using them thru dvi and getting blank screens. I'd hate that to happen so its put me off

Does anyone use one and happen to view SD tv broadcasts thru it?

Thanks a lot - hope i get some good advice
31 May 2007
The Dell 2408s would be pretty good for your needs, all the inputs you need. As for sky, I don't know about sky specifically, but, I've got a 1080p TV that I watch regular SD TV on, and while it's not "perfect" it's perfectly acceptable, though that should really be the case with any 1080p screen and SD. I've also watched SD TV on my PC through my 2407, and the quality was well watchable. All in all, I think a 24" dell would be a great multifunction screen. :)