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New bookshelf speakers needed

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by SamyBoy13, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. SamyBoy13

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    Hello guys my fanboys speakers just have been damaged while moving. Thus I'm looking to buy another pair. Ideally used as I would get more for the money.

    I've found dali Spector 2 for 120 as a customer return yet they have damaged front girl but otherwise perfect condition and working order. I also found used 2nd hand dali sensor 3 for 160 and I'm not sure what to go for. I listen to everything starting from rock, edm, dubstep to chart music and tropical house. At the moment I've got demon dab37 with 30 rms at 8 ohm. I'll be upgrading tho in the future but not yet.

    Any ideas how would those speakers compare?? I heard speaker 2 at richer Sounds and was impressed by how they sound. Could demo sensor 3 as ones on display were browned. Also any other recommendations?? I seen few New ones such as qcystica 3020 for 120 in Richards. I'm unsure on what to go for and any help would an apreciated.
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  2. Undesirable


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    If you've gone as far as to audition them yourself, why are you asking for a second opinion when you'll be the one using them?

    I like Dali too, but feel the need to pair them with subwoofer and / or EQ the bass up.