New case to replace Bitfenix Ghost

24 Feb 2015
Manchester, UK

My current case is a Bitfenix Ghost, and one of the things I like about it, (aside from the fact that it's really quiet) is the ability to plug a SATA drive into the top of the case, without having to open it up. My cat, (or maybe it was me, but I'm not admitting that to the wife!) caught a USB cable, and yanked it out, breaking one of the USB connectors, and I'm using this as an excuse to buy a new case, as I've had this one for six years and... well, why not?

I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything similar to the Ghost, by which I mean with the option to plug a HDD into the top. Do you lovely people have any suggestions please?

I have tried contacting Bitfenix, via their website, but any suggestions you have would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,

24 May 2006
Surrey - UK
Choose a case with optical bays and add a mobile rack, you'll get the same(presumably) or similar kind of functionality (which you could carry across cases as long as they have optical bays).

I've got the Icybox IB-158SK-B installed in one of my bays, rarely need it, but it's handy and does the job when i do. Install, enable hotswap(check mobo supports that) for the sata port it's connected to (in the bios), easy peasy.

There's also the option of moving that functionality to external (various options out there), so it's not completely down to the case (i'd certainly not narrow a case choice to support for HDD swapping/hot-plugging, addressing that separately makes more sense to me). If you have very specific needs for that feature, then maybe factor it in, but i'd probably make it secondary to a case that addresses all other needs first.
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